What is Call Tracking? How does it work?

You might have heard about call-tracking software and thought that it was used to monitor teenagers or by contact centers to keep them on script. Call tracking is used by your contact center to monitor the quality of calls, but it’s not the same technology that marketers use for attribution and data analysis to optimize campaigns. You won’t find anything interesting there, dad, because I’m sure teens don’t call their friends on phones. You could try Snapchat.

Let’s dive into call tracking software and see how it can help marketers.

What is Call Tracking Software (Call Tracking Software)?

Call tracking software allows for marketers to gather data from conversations with customers. This can be used to prove which marketing campaign or tactic prompted the call, and the outcome of that call. If you call a company that uses call tracking, the business can tell which ads, web pages and keywords helped you make the call.

Conversational Analytics is able to analyze your language to determine if you made a purchase, received a quote or set up an appointment. This data can then be used to attribute marketing campaigns and optimize web pages, ads, social media and other advertising channels to attract more high-value clients to the phone.

Call tracking is essential for proving the ROI of marketing campaigns . This is because the data trail stops when a potential customer picks up the phone.

What is Call Tracking Software?

Invoca, a cloud-based software for call tracking that collects data online via unique trackable numbers, allows marketers to link customers’ digital journeys with phone calls. Invoca call tracking and analytics is made possible by a website tag. This tag is a JavaScript code snippet that can be placed in on your website to replace static, standard phone numbers with dynamic, trackable phone numbers. These numbers are unique for each visitor. These dynamic numbers serve as an identifier of a particular website session.

Invoca tags capture other data besides dynamic numbers. These include UTM source, paid search keyword and Google ClickID. cookies capture additional data such as page visits and unique customer identifiers. This data will help you to understand which marketing tactics are driving high-value calls.

Invoca routes calls to call centers, agents locals, or other destinations when a user dials a number provided by Invoca. Invoca can then aggregate digital data to link the previous activities of the caller to the phone call. This occurs almost instantly, with no interruptions to the caller’s experience.

Why do I need call tracking?

According to Forrester 84% of marketers believe that phone calls are the most valuable form of conversion. They also have a higher average order volume (AOV) and higher conversion rates. You’ll get a partial picture of ROI if you don’t track the calls that your marketing generates.

Call tracking allows you to identify the digital ads, keywords and web pages that are most effective in driving calls for your business. You can see which phone calls resulted in high-quality conversions and leads. You can now see the full end-toend attribution of your campaigns. This will help you to make better optimization decisions and drive more revenue.

What can marketers do with call tracking?

Call tracking is used by marketers to improve paid search, other digital marketing performances, personalize caller experiences and enhance customer journeys. This is done through the unification of online and offline data. Call tracking users report a reduction in cost-per click (CPC) for paid search, a decrease in cost-per acquisition (CPA) and an increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Benefits of Inbound Call Tracking

  • You can track the ROI (return-on-investment) of your marketing campaigns
  • You can get credit for the number of phone calls you convert through your marketing.
  • Spend media budgets to generate higher quality leads
  • Spend less on advertising
  • Enhance your caller profile with conversation data
  • Callers can be targeted based on their conversation content
  • Improve your marketing message by using common phrases that you hear in conversation
  • Track and optimize sales agent performance to improve call conversion rates
  • Integrate Conversation Intelligence Data with Your Existing Technology Stack

What industries should use a call tracking solution?

Call tracking solutions are essential for any industry that relies heavily on inbound phone calls to attract customers. They can then optimize their marketing campaigns based on the programs that generate the highest value. Some examples include franchises, travel, insurance, home services and financial services.

Call tracking allows you to combine data from clicks and calls.

To optimize your digital marketing you will need to collect data on each individual consumer. Marketers can store this information in a caller’s profile. These data come in various forms:

  • You might consider this cookie or campaign data.
  • Data that is first-party, such as customer records, can be pulled from a marketer’s CRM
  • Third-party demographic information
  • Call data includes standard metrics such as the length of the call and caller area code.
  • Conversational data is derived from AI-based tools and conversational analytics

You can now use this information by unifying the datasets and creating a rich profile of the caller.

Call tracking can be used to optimize paid search.

Call tracking can be used to optimize paid search. We’ll use Google Ads as an example, since every marketer alive and breathing has used it or is currently using it.

Invoca’s Offline Conversions Integration helps you optimise paid search within Google Ads. This is done by providing closed-loop tracking of phone calls and conversions that are driven by paid search and display.

Invoca collects data on the digital journey such as marketing campaigns and creatives, and links that data with phone calls. You can, for example, see which keyword and paid search campaign led to the call. Invoca records identifiers such as the Google Click ID when a call is made. This allows you to report call events to Google Ads and convert them in real-time. This is a precise and reliable way to increase keyword visibility on your landing pages and for mobile call extensions.

You can use this data in the same manner as you would digital data.

  • You can see which keywords, ad groups and ad campaigns are driving the different types of calls.
  • Calculate return on advertising by measuring revenue generated from calls
  • Automated bidding rules can be used to optimize keyword spending by converting conversions.

Many of our customers get big results without a lot effort by using Invoca’s call tracking data as input to Google’s Smart Bidding algorithms. eHealth, for example, used the Integrations to optimize paid media against phone-related events. This resulted in a 20% reduction in CPA, and a 200% increase in conversion rates. The cost of acquisition was also reduced by up to 60% for their click-to-call campaign.

Personalized Call Tracking Software for a Better Caller Experience

Improving the call experience is a challenge that call centers need to solve. When the caller, whom you paid to reach, has a bad experience, your conversion rate will drop, and your marketing efforts will be less effective. It’s also your problem. Call tracking and analytics can help you improve your conversion rate and personalize the experience of calls.

Invoca allows the call center to retrieve real-time information about the caller. This includes their engagement history, as well as keywords and the ad campaign which drove the call. These data can be used for automatic routing and filtering of calls, so that callers can be sent directly to the department or person who can help them best without having to go through the phone trees.

Call center agents can work more effectively and efficiently with customers if they have this information. If a customer calls to cancel a purchase but has an item in his shopping cart, the call can be directed directly to a representative who is familiar with what he or she has in their cart.

DISH Network found, for instance, that many online shoppers abandoned their carts once they were asked to enter private information such as social security numbers. Invoca was used to direct abandoned carts to a customized call center experience.

Invoca’s call routing logic allows you to set up rules that automatically route calls to the right department, based on the product the customer is interested in, while support calls go to customer service. Invoca also provides call center agents with a “whisper message” (a short audio clip generated by the system and played to the agent) to give them more information on the nature of the phone call.

What is a Marketing Channel?

Call tracking helps marketers make better decisions, increase revenue and provide the best customer experience. Who doesn’t want to see more sales, and have happier customers?

Improve the customer experience with call tracking

  • Improve marketing campaign personalization
  • Callers are intelligently directed to the best agent according to digital intent data
  • Cloud IVRs can be created in just minutes, with no IT assistance required
  • Mark pages that cause digital abandonment
  • Get deep insights into consumer needs and expectations
  • Improve sales agents’ coaching by using AI to score their performance.
  • Prioritize your follow-up on missed sales calls.

What questions should I ask when evaluating call tracking providers?

There are many providers who offer simple, basic call tracking solutions. You should dig deeper to find out which provider can add the most value. Here are some questions you should ask call tracking companies:

  • Does the call tracking software provide keyword-level and click path attribution for websites?
  • Can the call-tracking solution track multiple phone numbers from a single webpage (such as a page to find a location)?
  • How many phone numbers is required to get the information you require?
  • Does your call tracking system integrate with the digital advertising platforms, marketing tools, and sales tools that you use?
  • Call tracking solutions can record and transcribe conversations.
  • How accurate is the transcription?
  • Is the call tracking software equipped with AI and machine learning technology to capture analytics from transcriptions?
  • Can you analyze the conversation based on important factors for your marketing such as the words used by the caller?
  • Call tracking solutions can measure the number of inbound sales calls or appointment calls, and how many convert.

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