The Best Marketing Automation Solutions for Agencies

Solutions Review editors have created the following list of marketing automation solutions that agencies should consider.

The right marketing solution can help agencies in all markets improve their client management, measure performance and nurture relationships. They can also create effective marketing campaigns and build brand loyalty. Finding the best marketing automation software to meet your agency’s requirements can be difficult, as each solution provider has different features that may not suit your agency or its clients.

The editors of Solutions Review compiled this list to help you find the best marketing solution for agencies. These software solutions were selected by our editors based on the Authority Score of each provider, a meta analysis of user sentiment from some of the most trusted review sites for business software, and a proprietary five-point inclusion criterion. The list is alphabetical.

The Best marketing automation solutions for agencies


ActiveCampaign offers email marketing, CRM and Sales Automation to clients in a variety of industries. The marketing automation tool has a simple overlay that shows users how automations are connected and what features each campaign offers. Platform provides deep tracking of sites and social media. ActiveCampaign is a platform that agencies can use to build client trust, manage client relationships, automate campaigns, and much more.


Act-On is a marketing platform which eliminates many monotonous tasks that marketers have to deal with. It automatically tracks and collects data and uses that information to improve its marketing techniques. Users can see all known and unknown activity on their site. Act-On automates the nurturing process based on the user’s preferences using the data collected. It can even segment customers and leads for you. Act-On can help agencies collect website visitor data, nurture clients, create personalized brand experiences and launch automated nurture campaigns. It also helps maximize engagement by segmenting tools.

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BenchmarkONE is a marketing automation and CRM tool that helps small businesses and marketing agencies to streamline campaigns and implement strategies. BenchmarkONE offers CRM and marketing automation, as well as email marketing, landing pages and pop-ups. It also has APIs and integrations. The marketing agency solution offers a range of features that are tailored to capture leads, create drip campaigns, automate follow-ups and monitor website activity. It also triggers link click automations.


HubSpot is a marketing, sales and customer service software. HubSpot offers a free CRM that connects users to all the information they need to run successful marketing campaigns. Their marketing hub also comes with customizable options. Users can easily customize their mobile or desktop site, without needing to know any coding. They can drag and drop pages, posts, landing page, etc. The marketing hub tracks and reports customer interactions. It helps you measure the effectiveness of a campaign or create new automations.


DescriptionPlatformly is a multi-channel marketing automation tool that helps users convert leads into customers. The agency-specific software from the company offers email marketing, CRM tools, drag-and drop editing, link tracking and customizable dashboards. It also includes marketing automation, landing pages, advanced reporting and email text editing. These tools allow agencies to help clients convert website visitors into leads. They can also automate the onboarding process and provide them with email and sales metrics.


SharpSpring is a platform that automates marketing for agencies and businesses. The behavioral tracking tool allows users to understand the motivations behind each click. This tool also improves email automation as it tracks customers after they click to increase personalization. SharpSpring’s marketing automation solution can help agencies show clients measurable outcomes and move from project-based work to retainer relationships. SharpSpring will provide agency support, flexible email templates and Single Sign-On. It also offers rebrandable user interfaces and no-hassle management of clients.


Description: VBOUT, a multichannel solution for marketing automation with a focus on the customer, is designed to collect leads. In its flagship platform, the company offers a range of marketing automation features. The dashboard allows you to create landing pages, build customer journeys, and manage social media using drag-and drop. VBOUT’s rebrandable platforms allows agencies to create custom pricing plans, streamline workflows, increase company collaboration, use templated marketing strategies and manage client profiles, campaigns and automations from a central location.

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