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What are the best WordPress plugins for your site?

WordPress has an open-source which means that there are thousands and thousands of plugins available for free to enhance your site. There’s probably a plugin to make your website do what you want it to.

Since many plugins are created by volunteers, the quality of these can vary. You’ll have fewer performance problems or conflicts if you choose the right plugins, such as those that are well-respected. Quality solutions can also help you avoid potential security threats.

What are the qualities you should look for when choosing the best WordPress plugins?

Look for these features in WordPress plugins

1. Versatility

The speed of your website can be affected by the number of plugins you have installed. This will impact both your search rankings and your visitors’ experience.

Plugins with multiple functions can help improve your website’s performance. Plugins such as Jetpack, for example, handle everything from image optimizing to security, social sharing, and contact form.

This plugin allows you to select only the features you want.

2. Great Reviews

The WordPress community has a lot to offer; it’s active, involved and reliable. Check the written reviews and star ratings when you’re looking for plugins.

You should check the site of any premium plugin you are considering, if it is not from the WordPress Repository. Make sure that there are many customer reviews. Check out websites that are using the plugin and see how well it works.

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3. Popularity

WordPress plugins are used by thousands of users. Most popular plugins perform a vital function and do it well.

Check the stats for “Active Installations”, when you are looking at a plugin in the repository. Even obscure functions, which may not be appealing to all users, should have at least several hundred installations to act as an endorsement. It’s not always the case that users leave ratings, but the more people who use the plugin, the higher the chances of finding someone with a complaint. If the number of users are high, this is a sign that it is a plugin with high quality.

4. Recent updates

Check the “Last updated” information when you are considering a WordPress plugin. To stay up-to-date with WordPress’ requirements, a high quality plugin will be updated regularly. The plugin should have been upgraded at least once in the last six months. Use plugins that have not been updated for more than a month with caution. Plugins which haven’t had an update in over a year may have security problems and should be avoided.

Check the plugin page to see the “Tested up to” information. A good plugin should have been tested using the most recent major version of WordPress. It is ideal if it has also been actively tested on the newest minor release.

Third-party websites selling premium plugins should clearly state the release history of their plugins, bug fixes tracked, and WordPress versions supported. Check that the plugin is actively developed and updated to core updates and security issues.

5. Solid support

The majority of plugins in the WordPress repository that are available free of charge were created and maintained by developers from the community on a volunteer basis. Some plugins receive more attention and support than others.

Support is important if you are worried about the quality of your plugins and you don’t know if you can troubleshoot issues on your own. You can find a list of past help requests on the Support page. You can look for patterns of rapid responses from the development team.

Consider Premium plugins if support is important to you. The majority of plugins offer better and faster support after a certain period. Be sure to read the terms before purchasing.

Please choose the best WordPress caching plugin from our top 5 picks.

Avoiding WordPress plugins

1. Nulled plug-ins

Nulled plugins, also known as hacked plugins, are available to download for free from third-party websites. The Jetpack scan team has found a example.

Free versions of premium plugins can seem like a good way to save some money, but they can create serious problems for your WordPress website, including

  • Your site is vulnerable to security threats because you have no access to updates.
  • Malicious code was injected to steal client data or spam links.
  • No support or ongoing updates.
  • The lack of funding for WordPress developers is a barrier to innovation and product development.

Download free plugins that have been approved by the WordPress repository, which only accepts clean and safe options. You can also download premium plugins on reputable websites.

Installing a top-rated security plugin for WordPress will scan your website and database and identify any malware or potential vulnerabilities.

2. Conflicts with Plugins

This is rare, but it can happen.

Do some research before installing a plugin to ensure you don’t introduce an existing problem to your website. You can check online for any conflicts if you are running plugins such as WooCommerce and Jetpack.

If you are comparing WordPress plugins, it is important to prioritize those that have been developed by well-respected developers. If you are looking for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plugin then Jetpack CMS is a great option. It’s developed and maintained by Automattic.

Keep the best.

A little research will help you to choose the right WordPress plugins. Choose popular, versatile plugins that are recent updates. Or, choose premium plugins which have a clear license and support structure. By carefully selecting your WordPress plugins, you will create a solid foundation for your website that can support and grow your company.



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