How to use YouTube Analytics?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Understanding YouTube Analytics is important for anyone who wants to create videos on YouTube, either to showcase a talent or to build a brand. YouTube has become a crowded platform. It is difficult to stand out amongst the thousands of channels that are in the same niche. This blog will focus on some of the most important aspects of YouTube Channel Analytics and answer a few questions that creators often have.

How to use YouTube Analytics?

YouTube Analytics is one of the many free tools that are available to help you understand YouTube. You can use it to see the results of each video that is posted on a YouTube channel. This section is difficult to understand at first glance, but once you break it down, using this tool becomes easy and allows the creator to understand their channel’s performance better. This analysis enables a YouTuber to create better content and attract more viewers in the future. This page is divided into different sections such as:

  • Watch Time

The total amount of time spent by viewers on your videos is shown. The number of minutes is calculated, and the more people watch the video, the higher the number.

  • Average View Duration

This section shows the average amount of time that viewers spend watching each video. This number is increasing, indicating that a video released recently has received more views. You can get a more detailed evaluation of this video by viewing the video page separately.

  • Views

This section reflects the number of people who clicked on videos in a specified period. This section provides a simple way for an individual creator or digital marketer to optimize the content of a brand to know how their strategies are translating into views.

  • Rewatches

This section shows the number of times that viewers have rewatched specific video segments. The increasing curve in the graph indicates it. This will help you to understand what content your viewers enjoy. You can then plan future content for your channel.

  • Estimated Revenue

This shows the estimated advertising revenue for a specific period.

  • Other Numbers

Many options on the analytics page are easy to understand. They track every interaction a viewer has with any piece of content.

These sections are accompanied by an up/down symbol that helps the creators or marketers understand if the performance of the channel has improved. The default timescale of the analytics page is 28 days.

What are free YouTube statistics?

The key to success on YouTube is originality. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the rise or fall of rival channels. YouTube Channel Analytics allows you to learn from your mistakes and incorporate those changes into your content.

Use YouTube Channel Analytics to Track Other Channels

This allows a competitor to access their YouTube Analytics by collecting data on their account/s and videos. This enables a YouTuber or marketer who uses YouTube to increase brand recognition to understand the competitor’s analytics better and use these insights to grow their YouTube channel.

This analysis will help you understand when to upload videos, how to engage subscribers, and what the interests of viewers are. This assessment is useful for optimizing content, whether you’re trying to establish your credibility within a niche or a marketer who wants to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Third-party tools like Tubular Intelligence and BuzzSumo help creators to see statistics about any YouTube channel, including average watch duration, retention, and target audience.

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Use YouTube Channel Analytics to Improve Your Channel

Tracking the statistics on other channels is a great way to gauge your channel’s progress or decline. YouTube Studio provides creators with all the information they need about their channel. The creator can see the performance of a video based on the location and gender of subscribers.

Easy steps to analyze your YouTube channel using YouTube Analytics:

    1. The dashboard is accessible by opening the YouTube Studio application.
    2. Click on the Analytics Tab.
    3. Browse through the various options, such as audience, engagement, and reach.

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The conclusion of the article is:

Understanding YouTube Analytics is not easy, but it can provide a wealth of information and insights that will help you grow your channel. YouTube Analytics is a must-know for all creators and brands using the platform. Join a Digital Marketing Course at Simplilearn to learn about YouTube Analytics and more!


1. What is social media engagement?

Many YouTubers are able to attract a lot of subscribers. This mammoth amount is worthless if engagement metrics are poor. Every like, comment, and share, as well as the watch time and click-through, are critical in analyzing viewer engagement.

2.Can a YouTuber tell if someone has checked their analytics?

When you use a third-party tool to check a YouTube channel’s dashboard, that person does not receive any notifications.

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