YouTube Monetization Guide: How to Monetize your YouTube Channel

The Key Takeaways

  • YouTube is a great platform to generate income, and it benefits both professionals as well as amateurs.
  • Creators who want to access advanced features and monetization options must meet YPP’s criteria. This includes policy adherence, watching hours, subscribers, and a connected AdSense account.
  • To monetize successfully, you must adhere to certain rules, such as creating an AdSense Account, understanding YPP’s requirements, enabling monetization, and complying with YouTube policies.
  • Creators have many options for monetization, such as affiliates, YouTube premium, memberships, merchandise, sponsorships, and features like Super Chat or Super Stickers.

YouTube has become a popular platform for video hosting, both among professionals and amateurs. If you’re familiar with the platform, it can be a great way to generate income. You’ve found the right place if you have ever wondered how to monetize YouTube.

This article examines the potentially lucrative area of YouTube monetization. It includes tips, a definition of YouTube Monetization, relevant policies, and what to do when you are rejected. Let’s start with a simple definition.

Understanding YouTube Monetization

YouTube monetization allows creators of content to earn money from their videos. YouTube has become a profitable space for professionals and amateurs alike, as it offers a way to make money by sharing engaging content. It’s important to understand the YouTube Partner Program, its eligibility criteria, and key requirements before embarking on this monetization adventure.

What is YouTube Monetization?

YouTube monetization is the ability of content creators on the platform to make money by uploading videos. The income generated is through advertising, which appears before, during, or after video playback. Creators must adhere to certain criteria to be eligible to participate in YouTube’s program for monetization.

YouTube Partner Program Eligibility Criteria

YouTube Partner Program is the key to unlocking advanced functions and, most importantly, monetization options on the platform. For creators to be eligible for YPP, they must meet these criteria:

  • Follow YouTube’s Monetization Policy: Creators should adhere to YouTube’s guidelines and policies. This will ensure that their content is in line with community standards and suitable for advertising.
  • Watch Hours: In the last 12 months, creators must have accumulated at least 4,000 hours of watching their videos. This metric measures the overall engagement of a channel.
  • A minimum of 1,000 Subscribers is required. This threshold indicates that the channel has an engaged and significant audience.
  • AdSense Account must be linked: The creator’s AdSense account must be linked to the YouTube channel. AdSense is Google’s advertising platform. By linking the two, creators can earn money from ads that appear on their videos.
  • Geographic Location: The location of the creator is a factor in determining eligibility for the YPP. The program must be accessible in their region.
  • No Community Guidelines Strikes: Channels that have a history of violating the community guidelines and policies could be disqualified from YPP. Creators are required to maintain a clear record of content violations.
  • Two-Step verification: This is an important security measure that adds another layer of protection to your Google account linked with your YouTube channel.

The key requirements are subscriber count and watch hours.

  • Subscriber Count (1,000): Achieving at least 1,000 subscribers shows that there is a large audience who are interested in the channel’s content. Subscribers are notified when new content is uploaded, which increases viewership.
  • Watch Hours (4000): A total of 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months indicates that the content is engaging. This metric is crucial for assessing the popularity and appeal of a channel.

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YouTube Channel Monetization Policies

We’ll expand on the two key steps of YouTube’s channel monetization policy. Some of these concepts have been discussed previously.

  1. How to apply for the YPP program (YouTube partner program)

It can take YouTube up to a month or more to review and decide on your membership application. YouTube will verify these criteria as part of the application process.

  • Main theme
  • Videos most viewed
  • Latest Videos
  • The largest proportion of watch time
  • Video metadata (e.g., titles, thumbnails, and descriptions)

2. Avoiding Copyright and Monetization Errors on YouTube

Copyright infringement on YouTube is a serious crime. You should only upload videos that you created or for which you have permission. Copyright also includes audio and music tracks as well as videos made by others. In the event of a policy violation, you may be subject to:

  • Account suspension or termination
  • Remove all ads from your videos
  • YPP suspension

YouTube: The 10 Best Ways to Make Money

Here are the top 10 ways to monetize YouTube:

1. YouTube Ads

This is the easiest, simplest, and most widely accepted method of monetization. You can choose to have these ads appear either before or after a video.

2. Affiliates

Have you seen a video in which the host gives you a link so that you can visit a website and possibly purchase their products and services? This is an affiliate program. You get a commission on each purchase.

3. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is an ad-free subscription service that allows members to download videos. You still receive money from your videos if you subscribe to this service because the subscription revenue is distributed like advertising revenue. The amount depends on how many Premium members view your videos.

4.Channel Membership

A channel membership is a subscription that costs a fixed amount per month in exchange for benefits such as exclusive videos, live one-on-one chats, and discounts on products.

5. Patronage

This tip was discussed earlier. Consider using a third-party platform like Patreon, which allows customers to support your channel and receive exclusive goodies in return. Speaking of goodies, here are some ideas:

6. Merchandise

We’ve discussed another tactic. Today, dozens of supported merchant platforms can help you sell your brand-named goods to your fans.

7. Sponsorships are paid

This tactic involves getting an organization or brand to sponsor your content in exchange for demonstrating or discussing their product or service in your video.

8. Super Features: Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thank You

The “super” features appear in three different forms in the chat messages that are shown on YouTube Live streams:

  1. Super Chat: This feature highlights your chat messages above everyone else’s.
  2. Super Stickers: Super Chat has the same function, but fans can buy and share attractive stickers that they can pin to the top of chat streams.
  3. This feature lets users show their appreciation to their favorite creators. For a small charge, users can get an animated GIF and a featured comment.

9. YouTube Shorts Fund

This $100 million fund will be available to Shorts creators who meet the criteria.

10. YouTube BrandConnect

The service is currently available in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It connects brands to YouTube creators as part of content marketing campaigns.

What to do if the YouTube Partner program rejects you

Don’t be discouraged if you are rejected from the YPP. After 30 days, you can reapply for YPP. YouTube lets you make amends by sending a notice detailing the policies that your channel did not comply with.

You will receive feedback on what you need to change and when it is best to do so.

FAQs about YouTube Monetization

  1. Can I use the Lickd chart tracks I have licensed in more than one video?

You can only use the chart track one time. The licenses are valid only for one video and can be used once.

  1. Can I get around the 1,000 subscriber requirement?

Nope. You’ll need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watched by users over the last 12 months.

  1. I keep getting my YPP rejected. How many times can I apply?

No limit. Don’t give up!

  1. How can I tell if my YouTube channel is being monetized or not?

Once you have turned on advertising, a dollar sign in green will appear next to each video.

  1. It’s not green, it’s yellow. What does this mean?

If you see a yellow dollar icon, your video may not meet the requirements for advertisers. Some brands will opt out, and this will affect your revenue.

  1. Can I appeal the yellow dollar sign on my car?

Check your content for conformance to Google’s advertiser-friendly guidelines. You can appeal if your content is in line with those guidelines.

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