The most important Instagram updates for 2024: a social media manager’s overview of this year’s Instagram changes (updated monthly)

What will Instagram look like in 2024?

All the most popular Instagram posts from 2024 are gathered in one place.

Instagram news for May 2024

Instagram shares are now the key to reach

Instagram’s Head, Adam Mosseri, stated in a recent Q&A that the number of shares a post receives impacts more than comments or viewing time.

Instagram tests new Stories Highlight.

Instagram is currently testing a new “Lately” or recent story highlights. This option will allow your followers to see your stories for the last 7 days.

The longer reels can hurt your reach.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram at a Creators event in NYC, said that longer reels than 90 seconds would hurt Instagram’s distribution. Interestingly, Instagram continues to increase the length of its reels.

Instagram opens up the Creator Marketplace.

Creator Marketplace is now available in South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina and Indonesia.

Instagram is working on new “Peek at” feature.

Instagram has created a new feature called “Peek”, which will allow users to share an unaltered photo with their friends. Sounds familiar. *cough* BeReal

Instagram interviews creators

Adam Mosseri is going to sit down with Instagrammers and talk about the platform, their worries, and their challenges. The first episode with Ezee has been released.

Tests on Instagram feed posts and Reels

This test may have been visible on your account. Instagram is testing the capability for users to post notes on the content of their friends and respond. The note will be deleted after three days.

Instagram adds four new stickers.

Some new interactive stickers have been added to Stories! The new stickers include Add Your Music (frames), Reveal and Cutouts.

Cross-posting from Instagram to Threads coming soon

In a global test, some Instagram users can now switch on IG Cross-Posting with Threads. It can be enabled for specific posts or all. This option only applies to image posts and not Reels.

The most important Instagram updates for 2024: a social media manager’s overview of this year’s Instagram changes (updated monthly)

Have you lost a lot of Instagram followers?

Don’t be alarmed if you are one of those accounts who noticed that you have lost a lot of followers in the last month. It was an Instagram bug!

What will Instagram’s AI chatbot look like

Meta’s AI Studio allows people to create bots that can perform tasks such as shopping for themselves, planning trips, creating memes, and much more.

Instagram tests “clear Mode”

Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows you to hide the Reels interface and description so you can concentrate on the video.

Instagram news for April 2024

Instagram has changed its algorithm. . . again!

Instagram has four new features:

  • A new algorithm boosts the reach of smaller creators
  • Replace reposts in recommendations with original content
  • Add labels to reposted material and link back to the original author
  • Remove content aggregators

Instagram has added a new channel feature.

Instagram is testing a new feature that allows for in-channel photo competitions. This is a great idea to get your community involved!

Instagram tests new “Blend feature”

Blend allows you to mix your Reels algorithm and create a private feed just for you.

Head of Instagram speaks on Follower Count.

Adam Mosseri confirms Threads’ claim that the number of followers is less important than views and likes.

Instagram streamlines hashtag search for discovery

Adam Mosseri announced that when you tap a hashtag you will now see the search results. This update will still allow you to unfollow or report hashtags, as well as follow them.

Test new Instagram carousel posts.

Instagram is currently testing the capability to mention a specific photo or video in a carousel within your comment. This feature may be available to some users already.

No more Flipside

That didn’t last very long. Instagram users might have seen a popup stating that the feature would be removed on May 24, 2018. Photos and videos you have posted will be archived.

Instagram news for March 2024

Instagram ads get a new friend: promo codes!

You can now add a promotional code to your Instagram ads! Will your brand test this feature?

Instagram Reels. . . But make them longer

3-minute-long reels? The moment is finally here (at least for some Instagram users).

Sending files via Instagram DMs

Instagram is testing a new experiment! The app is currently testing the ability to attach files to your DMs. Would you use this feature?

The number of images in the carousel is increasing, up, up!

You can’t decide on just 10 photos to include in your Instagram carousel? The app is currently testing carousels of 15 images.

Instagram confirms that you can edit DMs.

Ever wanted to edit a DM you sent after it was sent? We’ve all done it. Instagram’s latest update allows you to edit your DMs up to 15 minutes after sending them! You can also pin your chats and respond to messages using voice notes.

Instagram news for February 2024

Instagram Stories now has a new background sticker

AI powers this feature and will replace the background on your story images. Have you seen this update yet on our account? As we speak, it’s (slowly being) rolled out. . .

Instagram may soon have a Friend Map.

Do you have a list of things to do? You could be in luck. Instagram is currently testing a map feature which would allow you to see where your friends are. What do you think of this update?

Instagram could introduce a new tool to engage with live streams

Listen up if you livestream Instagram. Instagram is testing live-stream games for the first time.

Instagram now offers a video cutout option when using stickers

Instagram announced last month that you could make stickers from your still images. The app has now taken things to the next level. You can make GIF-like videos which function as stickers.

Instagram could introduce a grid preview.

You can preview your grid in HeyOrca when you schedule social posts. HeyOrca allows you to preview your IG grid by scheduling your social posts.

Read receipts are no more!

Want to turn off Instagram read receipts? In the Instagram app, go to Privacy & Security.

Instagram news for January 2024

This new Instagram feature flips things around.

It’s like Close Friends. Instagram has a new feature that allows users to create an alternate Instagram profile. Only select users will be able to see it.

Cancel a story that is already in progress on Instagram

This update is for you if you have ever thought, “Oops! I didn’t intend to post that story!”

Instagram’s latest experiment is public collections

Want to create collections that are public on your Instagram profile? Soon, you may be able to!

Instagram now offers new custom Add Yours templates

This update could help you increase your Instagram engagement. You can now create your own Add Yours templates in the app for Stories.


It’s time to wrap up the Instagram news. . . Until next month, naturally. This resource is updated monthly, so check back soon for more Instagram news.

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