Best tech stocks for May 2024

The Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell tempered expectations for a rate reduction this summer. The risk-off sentiment led to a decline in tech stocks, causing the Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund( XLK)to give up some gains for this year. The fund’s return over the last year was 38%, beating the Russell 1000 Index by 25%. Meta Platforms Inc. ( META ) also reported a weaker outlook for the future, which weighed on its share price. The rest of the earnings season is yet to unfold, but the tech rally may be paused in May.

Here is an analysis of the top technology stocks in May 2024. The stock list was screened by best value, fastest growing, and most momentum. All data is current as of April 25th, 2024.

Best-Value Tech Stocks

Value Investing is a strategy where investors identify stocks trading below their real value. When the market corrects the mispricing of these names, they will be undervalued.

The value may increase. Investors try to identify undervalued stocks using fundamental metrics such as the P/E ratio. A lower P/E indicates an undervalued share because the company’s basic value is less. After the market has adjusted, these stocks could offer a higher return. 1

Best-Value Tech Stocks

  Price ($) Market Capitalization (Market Cap) ($B) Twelve-Month Trailing P/E ratio

Yiren Digital Ltd (YRD) 5.0 0.43 1.6

Surge Pays, Inc. (SURG) 3.3 0.06 2.4

Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. 12.6 0.24 3.2


  • Yiren Digital Ltd.Yiren Digital Ltd. provides a range of AI-driven financial services and lifestyle products in China. It focuses on improving personal and business finances by offering personalized financial solutions, insurance, and other financial services. By March 2024, the company will have served more than 100 million borrowers and facilitated 11.6 billion RMB in loans through its platform.
  • SurgePays, Inc. SurgePays, Inc. leverages its technology and telecom platform to provide financial services and prepaid wireless to the underbanked via over 8,000 convenience stores across the U.S. In 2023, SurgePays experienced significant growth. The company reported a net profit of $20.6m, a substantial increase from the net loss it had the year before. This was attributed to the high revenue and gross margins as well as strategic acquisitions such as Clearline Mobile, a cloud-based digital advertising platform.
  • Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc.Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. is a global leader in digital fax and digital information exchange solutions. Cloud faxing and digital signatures are among its offerings. It also offers data extraction and natural language processing using AI.

The fastest-growing tech stocks

Growth Investors believe that an increase in revenue and earnings-per-share (EPS) of a business can indicate a strong company that has the potential to grow in value. Focusing on only one of these metrics may not give a complete picture of the growth potential of a business. These figures can be skewed by circumstances that are not related to the fundamental strength of a company, such as changes in tax laws, mergers, or one-off profits.

Investopedia employs a dual-metric assessment to arrive at a more balanced evaluation of growth companies. We weight both the latest YOY percentage growth in EPS and revenue equally. This method aims to reduce those one-time anomalies in order to give a more accurate view of the true growth potential and pattern of a business. A company’s quarterly growth exceeding 1,000% is also excluded.

The fastest-growing tech stocks

  Price ($) Market Cap ($B). Growth in EPS (%) Revenue Growth (%)

TeraWulf Inc. (WULF) 2.5 0.76 55 143

HIVE Digital Technologies (HIVE) 3.1 0.32 0.78 124

SoundHound AI, Inc (SOUN) 4.0 1.24 24 80


  • TeraWulf Inc. TeraWulf Inc. is a vertically integrated bitcoin mine that operates two facilities in New York State and Pennsylvania. TeraWulf’s revenues in fiscal 2023 increased 360%, from $15 million to $69.2 million, due to the increase in bitcoin prices. 5
  • HIVE Digital Technologies. HIVE Digital Technologies operates bitcoin mining operations similar to TeraWulf in Canada and Iceland. The company’s balance sheet shows $160 million BTC as of March 2024. This is equivalent to 7.2 BTC a day. 6
  • SoundHound AI, Inc.: SoundHound offers cutting-edge voice AI in multiple languages for industries including automotive, television, Internet of Things, customer service, and more. The year 2023 was a great one for SoundHound. It saw a 47% increase in revenue compared to 2022.

Tech Stocks with the Most Momentum

Momentum is a strategy that aims to capitalize on existing market trends. It focuses on stocks that have outperformed their peers or the overall market in terms of returns. This investment principle holds that stocks with an upward trend are likely to continue outperforming so long as the fundamentals of the company, industry, or sector remain unchanged.

Momentum investing has become a popular strategy for tech stocks, as they are often subject to significant market disruptions. Investors can take advantage of the opportunity to invest in tech stocks as companies release new products, announce breakthroughs in technology, and grow rapidly.

The tech stocks that have generated the highest return over the past 12 months are listed below. We have excluded stocks that are priced below a dollar.

Stocks with the most momentum in tech

  Price ($) Market Cap ($B). Twelve-Month Trailing Total Return (%)

MoneyLion, Inc. ( and ML). 70.2 0.73 551

CleanSpark, Inc. ( CLSK ) 19.8 4.5 430

NextNav, Inc. ( NN ). 8.3 0.93 288


  • MoneyLion, Inc.: MoneyLion offers a wide range of customized financial products and services through its app and platform. The company had a great year in 2023, with revenues up 24% over the previous year to $423 million and EBITDA at $46,000,000.
  • CleanSpark, Inc. CleanSpark, Inc. CleanSpark, Inc. CleanSpark describes themselves as “America’s Bitcoin miner”, operating mining sites in Georgia, and Mississippi. CleanSpark, like TeraWulf, has benefited from the rise in BTC prices. 9
  • NextNav, Inc. NextNav, Inc. is looking to revolutionize GPS with a platform that cannot be jammed or spoofed, allowing for indoor navigation in mobile phones, as well as urban navigation by autonomous vehicles and drones.

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The advantages of tech stocks

Growth Potential

Tech stocks, especially those in emerging fields, have some of the fastest growth rates of any publicly listed company. Investors have, therefore, sought out periods when the sector has underperformed to make large investments, anticipating significant growth in the long term.

The growth of tech stocks can be very different. The growth potential of many larger companies is limited because they are saturated in the market and have a high capitalization. Some penny or small-cap tech stocks can experience periods of rapid growth if they are able to make technological breakthroughs or if they suddenly become popular. Some of the largest names in technology, including Inc.( AMZN), Meta Platforms Inc.( META), and Alphabet Inc.( GOOGL), have continued to grow at a significant rate.

Innovative Technology

The tech trends are constantly changing. Companies aim to follow and guide innovation and capitalize on the latest technologies. The sector is, therefore, primed for innovation. AI-related technology is one of the latest major trends that has swept the tech industry. These technologies are being integrated more and more into businesses across various industries. The AI trend will continue to be beneficial to some tech companies as long as they are able to make it happen.

Tech stocks: Disadvantages

Fluctuations within the tech sector

The high volatility of tech stocks is a result of rapid technological change and intense competition. This can cause significant price changes. These stocks are often valued high based on their growth projections, which makes them vulnerable to market corrections when they don’t meet those expectations. In addition, geopolitical tensions and regulatory challenges can have an impact on the sector and introduce additional risks and uncertainty for investors.

Trends shift quickly

Investors who are not familiar with the technology themselves may be tempted by the high returns of some tech companies. The rapid pace of innovation in the tech sector means that trends and prospects can also change very quickly. Investors unprepared for the pace of innovation or those who do not know about the strengths of various tech companies could find themselves following trends that have already changed.


  • Growth Potential
  • Innovative Technology


  • Technology sector turmoil and high valuations
  • Investors could be left behind by rapidly changing trends.

Bottom Line

AI is set to have a significant impact on the tech sector in 2024 and is expected to fuel long-term growth. AI adoption, as well as ongoing digitization, cloud computing, and other technologies, offer promising opportunities for businesses, especially those involved in semiconductor manufacturing and cloud software. The macroeconomic environment, however, will also play an important role in determining short-term sector performance. This is because interest rate policies and economic conditions can cause volatility.

The opinions, comments, and analyses on Investopedia have been provided solely for informational purposes. For more information, please read our warranty and liability disclaimer.

The author of this article does not own any securities listed above as of the date of writing.

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