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The future of video creation: Nine YouTube trends to watch in 2024

We’re excited and full of wonder as we look forward to 2024. We’re curious about which YouTube trends are going to shape the future of content creation. We’re thrilled to see creators develop new passions. We’re most excited to decode every YouTube trend, so that you can expand your channels by 2024.

Are you ready to discover the future of YouTube? These nine trends could affect your views and watch time as well as subscribers and revenue.

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1. AI Rules Stricter

Artificial intelligence is having a breakout year, with tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjourney helping creatives make content faster. Because of that, we’re seeing the rise of automated YouTube channels . Creators are outsourcing their content creation using AI software (or hired humans) to design thumbnails, script videos, edit footage, and create voiceovers quickly. Some creators make a lot of money doing this — six-figures, even.

AI is often used in harmful ways by some people, such as impersonating celebrities or spreading false information.

YouTube has created guidelines for AI usage in 2024 to combat this. These include:

  • Creators must state when they have used AI in content.
  • Punishing non-disclosure through the removal of content.
  • Creators can request that AI-generated content be removed if it impersonates or violates their privacy.

2. The Rise of Authenticity

Creators are increasingly shunning highly-produced videos and opting for authentic, unfiltered content. Look at YouTube. The thumbnails have become simpler and the fancy edits have disappeared. The storylines are also more relaxed and meandering, as it is now about creating intimacy with the viewers.

Sam Sulek , a bodybuilder, is leading the way in this trend. But he’s far from alone. Dry Creek Wrangler school was originally a horse-related channel. It has now shifted to uncut videos sharing life lessons. In 2024, the trend will continue to be towards sincere videos.

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3. More Thumbnail Contest

The YouTube click wars may have ended for some, but not all. They’re only just getting started.

YouTube will launch a tool to test thumbnails this month, and it will continue until 2024. This tool is designed to increase your watch time. YouTube allows creators to upload several versions of a video thumbnail. They can then let YouTube display them for different viewers and analyze the results. The thumbnail with the most views is the one that will be used in the future.

It allows every creator to showcase their best thumbnails, no matter how big or small. No matter how simple the design is, thumbnail testing makes YouTube more competitive.

4. Gamified YouTube Videos

YouTubers pushed video puzzles, quizzes and other challenges on their viewers in 2023. Imagine you are swiping the YouTube Shorts Player and landing on a YouTube video that has all kinds of questions. What is the highest mountain in the entire world? Which celebrity has a particular nose?

You’ll be surprised, entertained, and even delighted by this delightful film.

The popularity of trivia-based videos is growing, as they are both entertaining and informative. This content has helped thousands of small creators reach 1,000 subscribers, ranging from Genius Crown through QuizAnimals and Quiz Palace.

5. Communities are more important than ever

YouTube announced earlier this year that creators can monetize their YouTube channels with only 500 Subscribers and 3000 hours of viewing time. This is a significant decrease from the 1,000 subs and 4,000 hours requirement that we’ve seen before.

YouTube restricts these creators to fan-funding revenue, such as a href=”https://vidiq.com/blog/post/youtube-superchat-guide/”>Super Chats/a> and Stickers, a href=”https://vidiq.com/blog/post/youtube superthanks/”>Super Thanks/a>, and. YouTube limits these creators’ revenue to only fan-funding, including Super chats, Stickers, Thanks and Memberships.

Super fans, and not casual YouTube users, are the ones who give money. This will encourage creators to create communities if they wish to earn real money from fan funding.

YouTube seems to want small creators (i.e., creators) to have loyal followers before they become large creators. This increases the quality of YouTube videos and viewers.

6. YouTube Livestreaming: High Potential for Earnings

YouTube Livestreams are a powerful tool for creators to make money.

Here’s just a taste of the rewards you can expect:

  • This year, the vidIQ channel generated $10.806.72 through one million streams.
  • The Canadian gaming creator Guy Eh pays for his rent ( $ 1,800 ) with donations from livestream.
  • In 2023, the market for video streaming is expected to reach $95.88 Billion.

Music artists like Tee Grizzley make $200,000 per year by streaming their streams on Twitch, and then uploading them to YouTube. We expect that this trend will continue as revenue increases in 2024.

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7. Ad Blockers Derailing Views, Monetization

Can blockers reduce your YouTube views? Will they even jeopardize the dream of monetization?

These questions were silly a year ago. Now that YouTube has started blocking video playback to viewers using ad-blockers, is becoming a real. We understand the reasons: In 2022, China, Indonesia and Vietnam led in adblocking rates. Consider the impact on YouTube: This is a significant loss of revenue, particularly if these behaviors are common across video-sharing websites.

Nobody knows what this means for YouTube monetization. YouTube must allow you to playback your videos in order for you to earn money, views, and watch time. Common sense, however, tells us some creators may suffer unknowingly, especially if they want their audience to watch without ads.

8. Use YouTube shorts to blow up

Did you know most creators who use vidIQ gain 100,000 subscribers through vertical, short videos? Check out our list of channels on YouTube that reached 100,000 subscribers within 30 days. Most channels’ standout videos were YouTube Shorts, not long or horizontal videos.

Most creators aren’t surprised by this, but we added it to the list as Shorts continues to grow. Consider experimenting with short-form content in 2024 if you’re not a creator of this type.

9. Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming: The Rise of VR Gaming

Statista predicts that the global VR market is expected to reach $22 billion in 2025. It’s no surprise that YouTube is flooded with this type of entertainment, particularly in the gaming sector.

Check out this screenshot. According to the vidIQ keyword explorer’s findings, viewers are interested in VR content for games such as synapse or hellsweeper. The search is also for VR commentators and gamers (Polish Paul), as well as VR tech (Soundcore VR’s P10 earbuds).

These keywords are popular on YouTube, but there is little competition. This means that the VR market is still relatively new and open to being tamed.



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